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KountryKozy Golden Retrievers


Aurora and Gunny  - Born Oct 2, 2021

We did a special breeding with Aurora and a male from the US via frozen insemination. Gunny is an international champion and we are so happy that we have a beautiful litter from him. For more information on Gunny, you can find him here: Center for Canines

Aurora had eight pups via c-section on October 2. Five male and 3 female. We have given them the following fun 'fall' names while they are here with us:


Green - Cider

Cider is a very friendly little guy. He is one of the first ones to come over and can be very vocal about getting your attention. He absolutely loves people and attention! He does love to play with his mates but his attention is usually on the humans in the room and who he can get to hold him.

Lime - Chestnut

Chestnut is a very happy puppy and also loves attention and also loves playing with the toys and other puppies. He is a good snuggler and will relax with you when you hold him. He hasn't shown any shyness about anything and is very even tempered.

Blue - Acorn

Acorn is the smallest of the boys. He is super sweet and is one of the friendliest puppies who is always happy to give you kisses and a snuggle. He also loves to wrestle around with the other puppies and is one of the more outgoing puppies who doesn't shy away from much at all.

Black - Rusty

Rusty is a very sweet and laid back puppy. He has a very even temperament and also loves the human's attention. He has been seen wrestling with the litter mates and enjoys all the toys as well. He is usually always in the mix with his litter mates and is a great little snuggler as well.

Turquoise - Pumpkin

Pumpkin was our shyest, or at least most independent (since he wasn't really scared of anything, he just liked to be on his own) up until a few days ago. He has really come out of his shell and will now play and wrestle with the other puppies and does come over now to visit with people. He has always enjoyed a good snuggle though.


Orange - Maple

Maple is a super sweet puppy who loves attention. She is usually always one of the first puppies to come over for a visit and a pet. She prefers to mingle with people when they visit over playing with the puppies but as soon as visiting is over, she does love a good wrestle with her mates.

Mauve - Persimmon

Persimmon is a very cute girl. She and Maple are very much alike in every way. We have heard from a few visitors how they are like twins so I won't repeat all the same stuff. She does love to snuggle and visit with you and can give some very good kisses.

Pink - Autumn

Autumn is the most outgoing girl. She vocalizes her wants very clearly, lol. My daughter has already created quite an attachment so this is one of the puppies that will be staying behind and joining our program here at KountryKozy.

Growth Chart


Week 6

This is puppy pick week. The families will all know who they will be taking home through this week. The puppies are really showing their personalities now. They also grow significantly in these last few weeks before going home. Their hair also grows in and they become little fluff balls.

I think these last couple of weeks are the cutest and funnest times with the puppies. They love playing with people and just come running as soon as they know you are there. We can just sit and watch them for hours as they play amongst themselves but it is way more fun to join them (they love it too!)


Next Litter...

We currently have a reservation list filled and the wait list is now going out into 2023.

Planned Litters:

Aurora - Estimated to be bred April 2022

Ziggy - Estimated to be bred April 2022


Interested in a KountryKozy puppy?

Reservation deposits are $350 (This is included in the price of the puppy). We only take 3 male and 3 female reservations for the upcoming litter. Once the six reservation spots are filled, a wait list is created. Once puppies arrive, remaining reservations are then filled based on the order of the wait list. We then start again for the next planned litter using the families on the wait list first to fill the reservation spots, etc. As litters come up, you continue to move up the wait list.

Puppy picks are made in the order the reservation deposit was received.

We currently are taking our reservations from our wait list that has grown quite long. To be on the wait list, we now require a non-refundable $75 deposit. This will also go towards the cost of your puppy once it is placed with you. We had to go with a deposit as our wait list was getting very unmanageable with families coming and going off it and us not knowing how many families were actually on it when receiving inquiries. This deposit has helped keep the wait list to the families who are interested in waiting for one of ours specifically.

***Please see our visitation policy at the bottom of the Breeding Information page here - Visitation Policy

***Please see our vaccination information page here. We no longer vaccinate our puppies unless requested at 7-8 weeks of age. This page will highlight our reasoning behind this change - Vaccinations

Puppy Pick Up Day:

Puppies are ready for pick up once they are 7-8 weeks old. Once puppies are ready for homes, if you are unable to pick up your puppy on going home day, a boarding fee will be charged. First night is $75 and each additional night is $25. Puppies require a lot of extra care at this age and it is also very stressful for the puppy on the first night alone (which in turn makes a long and stressful night on us). If you cannot pick your puppy up on pick up day and need him/her to stay with us, be sure to contact us and make arrangements as soon as possible.

How to reserve a puppy:

All prospective homes are screened by filling out a buyer's reservation/questionnaire form as we only want the puppies going to loving homes. Buying a golden retriever is a commitment and we want to ensure that our puppies are not neglected and will be happy in their new homes. All puppies will be CKC registered. Pick is determined by acceptable application and receipt of a deposit. Remaining balance will be due upon pick up of puppy. All females are on site for meeting and viewing. Puppies are raised on a large acreage in Strathcona County and are well socialized by our kids and the families adopting them. See our testimonial page for client feed-backs of previous litters.

Please contact us for a reservation form or to view a copy of our purchase contract by emailing us at mailto:[email protected]

All puppies are sold on a CKC non-breeding agreement, are CKC registered, vet checked, microchipped, dewormed and have an eighteen month health guarantee. We perform ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) to our puppies. All our puppies go home with the 6 Week Headstart Trial Pet Insurance Program through Pets Plus Us